10 ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed

But there was also more subtle tribute to the ever-expanding MCU, and 55-year history from the caterpillar wall. Here are 10 Easter eggs “Spider-Man: Homecoming” that has been lost.

The film begins immediately with a nod to Spider-Man’s long history. Instead of including the usual music played during the opening of the Marvel logo that is included in each film, the music of “Spider-Man: Return Home” is actually the theme of the cartoon “Spider-Man” In 1967.

Pedro’s school life is a much more important part of this film than the previous one, and as such, he spends more time with his classmates. Among them, there are many names known in the history of Spidey.

Ned Leeds: In the film, Ned (played by Jacob Batalon) is Peter’s best friend and “the man in the chair.” In comics, however, Leeds became the Goblin. It does not seem likely that the version of the character in the movie moves along this path.

Liz Allan: Peter’s love in the film actually debuted along with Spider-Man himself at number 15. “Amazing Fantasy” It was a love story of Peter and Flash Thompson.

Flash Thompson: No matter the universe, Flash is still the tyrant Peter Parker.

Betty Brant: In the comic, she worked for the Daily Bugle (ditto for the Sam Raimi movies where she was played by Elizabeth Banks), but in “Homecoming,” is another of Peter’s classmates. He made a leap in this journalistic career as a reporter for the school news channel. A curious fact: in the comics, Betty Brant has a relationship with Ned Leeds before breaking.

Michelle (who played in the film by Zendaya) follows most of the “Spider-Man: Homecoming” – more content to read her book to address what is happening around her.

Only one of the last scenes of the film – which is designated to be the new captain of the academic team – decathalon reveals that he is called his friends MJ.

In the comic, MJ is the nickname of Mary Jane Watson: the love of Spider-Man’s life.

The character of Michael Keaton, Adrian Toomes (also known as the Vulture), has a fairly decent cast when Spider-Man begins to interact, but there are two members of the Toomes team who are distinguished by other evil trepamuros.

Herman Schultz: Herman Schultz (Bokeem Woodbine) gets his super-villain name in “Spider-Man: Homecoming” He’s in for a surprise. He’s not exactly Spider-Man’s biggest villain, but it’s fun to watch on the screen after the year of Goblins.

Phineas Phineas Mason Mason (Michael Chernus) does not really have his nickname villain in the movie, but in comics, he is known as the Tinkerer.

The meeting man Vulture on the ferry to operate the weapons, and later entered the prison, Mac Gargan (played by Michael Mando, “Better Call Saul”). If you can not mount by the big tattoo on the neck, you have fun in the movie, Mac Gargan finally becomes Scorpio.

Donald Glover has a small role in “Spider-Man: The Homecoming”, but exciting for Spidey lovers. Glover plays Aaron Davis, a low-level criminal who eventually becomes a villain named the Prowler. This is not what makes it particularly special for the movie.

While being interrogated by the Spider-Man, Davis says he has a nephew who lives in the area. Aaron Davis is the uncle of Miles Morales also known as the ultimate Spider-Man. In the comics, Miles has replaced Peter Parker, Ultimate Universe, after being killed by the Green Goblin. He currently resides in the 616 main universe along with the Peter Parker we know and love, because it seems to be true in the MCU.

What makes Glover casting even though Miles’s uncle is even better is that the “Atlanta” star has actually campaigned for the role of Spider-Man in 2010 before Sony was not with Andrew Garfield. His campaign has finally brought Miles to express in some episodes of the animated series “Ultimate Spider-Man.”

Karen, A. A. Inside the Spider-Man suit, it was a last-minute addition and was expressed only by Jennifer Connelly. Connelly is married in real life to Paul Bettany who before becoming the vision in “The Avengers: Age of Ultron” Jarvis expressed the A. I. In the Iron Man suit of Tony Stark

10 ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed

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