9 things you should know about Prime Day 2017

In the afternoon of Monday, July 10 at 9 am. ET / PT 6 p.m. And 6 p.m. In the UK, Amazon will launch its third annual sales event. This is essentially a Cyber-Monday-in-July that promises additional savings beyond the usual discount price of the company. But the evening remembers the sales of Black Friday that begin in Thanksgiving: the first day of this year has a duration of 30 hours, until July 11.

So who is allowed to enter the Prime action? What will be different than last year? How can you be sure that the price increase of the Amazon day is actually the best price?

I have all the answers. Here is everything you need to know about the 2017 First Day.

The first cuckoo to Amazon Prime Day (in 2015) was to celebrate its 20th anniversary. Although the event was a great success in terms of sales, customers have many disappointed. The biggest discounts were on products unique to Amazon (Kindle, fire tablets, echo, etc.), and those seemed to come and go at random.

Last year, things have improved, the amount of inventory and research focused on the categories that have made it easier to detect about 100,000 items for sale.

In 2016, Amazon’s main categories were television and toys. The company has twice promised the television inventory “Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday combined,” and offers toys that run “almost all day.”

This will be the focus of the categories this year too? It remains to be seen, but there are, without a doubt, countless other offers. And Amazon will also offer special promotions at Alexa, so if you have an Amazon eco ($ 179.99 at Amazon.com), knit or tap, you might be able to mark exclusive items. (You can already ask Alexa to bring down the rumors.)

Amazon also offers promising savings of “up to 40 percent” on Kindle’s unlimited account, though it’s not very clear about what it refers to in the “up” section. Currently, eBook / audio book subscription service costs $ 9.99 per month, or £ 7.99 in the UK.

If we do not already meet, I’m Rick “El Tacaño” Broida, and I write about technology offers almost every day of the year. And let me say that every day is the first day. By this I mean, there are offers to be all the time.

Yes, as with Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, Amazon can clean a couple of dollars for a TV or Kindle. But as in time, supplies will be limited. And the TV could be a model of the brand that really was not what I had in mind.

In other words, resist the hype. If there is a particularly interesting case about a product that has made the eye, it is taken by all means. But I do not think this is your only chance to win big.

On the other hand, Amazon planning to deploy new offers “as often as every 5 minutes throughout the day”, it is a rabbit hole you may want to avoid. Day bonus days certainly not productive if you update your browser every 5 minutes. (See Although below for a convenient way to keep an eye on specific transactions).

Amazon Prime is, of course, the subscription service that offers unlimited two-day shipping, a film and unlimited music distribution and several other benefits. Its price is $ 99 a year (a very good price, in my humble opinion) or £ 79 in the UK.

To take advantage of day bonus offers, you must be a Prime subscriber. That’s the bad new; The good news is not if you have tried the service before you can get a free trial – and this proof of membership is qualified to save the bonus day.

By the way, if you are an American student, you can get a maximum of six months free trial of Amazon Prime, after which you can accept a membership of only 49 to 50 percent of the regular annual price.

Visit amazon.com/primeday (here in the UK) and find out and turning offers before the official release on July 10. Some of the offers are better than others. For example, as of Friday, July 7 there are digital versions of some great movies on sale for only $ 5. I will update the publication is necessary report.

Part of the day bonus challenge is to keep your attention on the deals that interest you, especially those that are set to start later in the day. If you forget, you can lose.

Fortunately, the Amazon application allows you to track and receive offers from the next

9 things you should know about Prime Day 2017

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