Black Lives Matter leaders sued over Baton Rouge police shooting

(Reuters) – A police officer was wounded in a shootout in Baton Rouge, Louisiana last year, which left three dead officers chasing the leaders of the Black Friday Lives Friday issue, accusing them of fomenting the violence that spurred the attack.

The lawsuit filed in a federal court in Louisiana named DeRay McKesson and four other black lives leaders matter as defendants and sought at least $ 75,000 in damages.

It was the birthday of one of the deadliest days in the modern history of the United States for law enforcement. On July 7, 2016, a black man angered by what he saw as a racial bias within the United States police, launched a downtown Dallas shooting attack, in which five officers were deployed during a demonstration convicting the shooting In the black men’s fountain.

McKesson was not immediately available for comment and leaders Black Lives Matess have denied allegations that his movement promotes violence against the police.

Approximately 10 days after the filming of Dallas, ex old decorated of the United States. The Navy sergeant opened fire on the police in Baton Rouge, killing three officers.

Baton Rouge was hit by waves of protests after two police officers earlier this month killed a black man, Alton Sterling, in suspicious circumstances. The incident was captured on video and sparked a national debate.

The injured officer in Baton Rouge, who was not identified in the lawsuit, was killed by “a person who protested violently against the police, and the violence was due in part or by the address and by ‘BLACK LIVE THE MATTER'” said the file .

Gavin Long, a black gunman who killed Baton Rouge agents and was shot later identified himself as a member of an essentially anti-white, essentially sovereign, African-American group, according to the documents.

Last year, McKesson and two other activists sued the Baton Rouge police department and other officials during the arrest of about 200 demonstrators during the mostly peaceful demonstrations on police killings.

Black Lives Matter leaders sued over Baton Rouge police shooting

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