Dream Is Back with Mom! Inside Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s Custody Agreement — and How It Could Change

Prior to Kardashian, 30, publicly attacked Chyna, 29, on Instagram and Twitter on Wednesday, the former couple established an unwritten agreement to split her time with their 34-week-old daughter also weekly, a source close to the situation Said People.

According to the deal, Kardashian must have custody of Dream Sunday on Thursday and then she is with Chyna Thursday to the following Sunday, but “Rob did not bring Dream Home last night and he does not bring it today” , The source said.

“They have two nannies, work five days a week and work two days a week.” The five-day nanny resumes and drops off, “the source said. ”

The baby is supposed to be with Chyna according to their agreement – which is not written, just what they did for the last six or seven months – and she is not. Chyna does everything in her power to recover it. ”

But on Friday afternoon, two days later, Kardashian promised in a post of Instagram now suppressed that “[Chyna] will never see him again unless he stops alcohol, drugs, cocaine and X and E “She met with Baby Dream and took Snapchat to share sweet photos and videos of herself with her daughter in what appeared to be a nail salon.

“She’s a great mom,” said pianist Kellon Deryck among the people of Chyna. “The time she spends with her children, she counts.”

Earlier on Friday, high-power civil rights lawyer Lisa Bloom announced that she was representing Jynia and is demanding restraining orders against Kardashian on behalf of her client after the reality star has repeatedly broadcast content Graphic and exeptional on Chyna, in which he accused her of drug use, alcohol abuse and infidelity, and shared three presumed nude photos of her.

“I represent Blac Chyna,” Bloom said on Friday. “I just told Rob Kardashian that we will be in court Monday to seek restraining orders against him. More to come.”

Chyna’s representative and Bloom’s co-advisor Walter Mosley also told People: “Lisa Bloom is the best in the company and has the right sensitivities and skills to handle this delicate and complex business. Women’s rights and that’s the kind of lawyer we need right now. ”

Chyna’s restriction orders could also be filed in the name of Dream, but because there is no written custody agreement, there are many gray areas for the judge to consider in terms of the future of dreams , Says family lawyer Alyssa Eisner, Esq., Sager Gellerman Eisner LLP.

“No one has a higher right to this child because there is nothing in the official handwriting, so no one has been given custody,” says New York lawyer Potentially involved parties.

“Their de facto arrangement is not a law, so the courts would consider it, but would also look to see what has changed in the circumstances that now brings one of them before the courts. Pornographic images or allegations of abuse or protection orders.

The Kardashian and Chyna roller coaster relationship began in January 2016, when the two became public with their romance.

They signed up a few months later in April. In May, the two announced they were expecting their first child. They welcomed their daughter, Dream, last November, and in February, people confirmed that both had canceled their commitment.

Since Kardashian put Chyna publicly in breath on Wednesday, her Instagram page was then closed and he did not respond to repeated requests from POPOPLE for comments. Chyna first responded to the messages in a Snapchat article, alleging that Kardashian had struck her. The Snapchat was then removed.

Although the famous Kardashian family did not make public comments on the situation, a source told people that Kris Jenner and his daughters are “deeply disappointed and frustrated by Rob.”

“He made a difficult situation even worse,” said the source, who noted that the family focuses on Dream. “At this point, the main concern is to protect Dream against all this neglect”.

Dream Is Back with Mom! Inside Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s Custody Agreement — and How It Could Change

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