Last Friday, a diverse crowd gathered at a Los Angeles Air Force church for a meeting of the National “Summer Resistance” Democratic Committee.

The plan was simple: to revitalize the base with speeches, then run a bank phone to oppose the Republican health law.

Less than five minutes into preliminary remarks by DNC Vice President Keith Ellison, a group of people stood up and sang vehemently! “A single payer now.” A banner was displayed on a bench, and it surprised the speakers freely if an older woman was a sign of the cross, as if her revolutionary spirits were separated, saying: “It is your fault.”

Ellison’s statements regarding the unification of the party were almost inaudible because two participants stood and shouted at one another. California Democratic Party Chairman Eric Bauman simply stopped talking. Halfway through the demonstration, two dozen health protesters in a single payer – one-fifth of the participants – are out, using a cap to organize their own press conference on the nearby sidewalk.

Once again, the Democratic Party found itself ill-prepared to respond to its left flank voice. Democratic Party militants have pushed the demonstrators and begged them to sit down, but the five-member security details were at the back of the church, hands clasped. His decision not to expel or to calm protesters otherwise was correct.

Those who were showed a variety of political movements and ideologies. One of them was a registered Democrat with the #RecallRendon movement, which tried to oust California Assembly President Anthony Rendon (D-Paramount), who left out the Bill SB 562 bill, the single payer Of the state in June.

Another was political independence with our Revolution, a movement that seeks to advance the goals of Bernie Sanders’ presidential candidacy. Another was a “revolutionary communist” self-described with However, these protesters, who had organized on Facebook, had a clear and unique message that dominated the event.

Many speakers pointed out, in response to protesters, that they were vocal supporters of health care to a single payer, and in some cases, a sponsored legislation to adopt it.

But they went on the defensive, instead setting the agenda for their own meeting, or sharing a vision of how to make a unified effort for single payer health. Demonstrators did not get to see legislators about their collective impotence – they wanted a plan of action.

The event came after the Congressional Democrat Campaign Committee’s decision to issue a series of slogans that sank like a lead balloon with many bases.

Although none has been particularly inspired, it was the most shouted: “The 2018 Democrats: I mean, have you seen the other guys?” The clear slogan that after a murder slay in November

Democrats do not present new ideas or deeply examine their political positions. Instead, they suspected a strategy of vanilla without centrism vision, selling better than the worst type.

Opinion Democrats are doubling down on the same vanilla centrism that helped give us President Trump

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