Parts of Hamburg ablaze as rioters clash with police at G20 summit

HAMBURG, Germany – Police struggled to contain violent protests Friday night as thousands of far-left protesters gathered in Hamburg, Germany, where they host the Group of 20 summit.

As world leaders enjoyed Beethoven’s ninth symphony in the newly opened concert hall of the German port city, a crowd of masked demonstrators burned cars in the central area of ​​Schanzenviertel.

Police used water cannons to disperse protesters, some of whom authorities said they branded steel poles and fire-firing agents.

Large implementations of officers were not far from the flames that reached several feet in the air.

I approached two men who beat a man lying on the street.

The two attackers and the man who was equal to the leak, according to the statement.

Near St Pauli, home to the city’s famous red light district, police said about 1,000 demonstrators gathered for a demonstration that organizers had invited participants to “bring our anger to the street system.

The G-20 began Friday and was accompanied by violent demonstrations by leftist activists from the start.

Hamburg police said on its official Twitter page that 196 policemen were injured in the fighting, from a previously reported figure of 159. None of the officers were seriously injured.
Thousands of protesters had tried to approach the concert hall, where the heads of state and government were closing a diplomatic meeting of the day with a symphonic performance.

However, the event was more or less as expected, with German Chancellor Angela Merkel with other leaders and their spouses arriving without incident.

Police said 6000 people were part of the effort to reach a protest-free zone imposed by police around the Elbe Philharmonic, with at least 1 000 people wearing masks covering their faces, which is illegal during demonstrations in Germany.

Police used water cannons to try to contain the protest, as protesters smashed windows, set fire to cars and threw bottles, stones and other objects at agents.

Merkel, condemned the violence as “unacceptable,” adding that she had “a great understanding of peaceful protests, but violent protests endanger human lives.”

Earlier on Friday, protests forced President Donald Trump to move to the top and his wife, Melania, could participate in the entire joint program because the police said it was dangerous for her to leave the house.

In addition, police said 20 protesters attacked security guards at Park Hyatt Hamburg, home of Russian President Vladimir Putin, South Korean President Moon Jae-in and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Parts of Hamburg ablaze as rioters clash with police at G20 summit

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