The Real Story Behind Ben Affleck’s ”Down to Earth” Girlfriend Lindsay Shookus

A source told E! The news that the producer of Saturday Night Live and the Oscar-winning actor has been “friends for a while, but things were romantic [between the two] recently.”

The new duo was seen together for the first time last night, when they left town for a late bite to eat.

And even if the rumor has been compromised in a relatively new approach, a close friend tells us that Lindsay is “the kindest person” and “feet on earth.”

The insider adds, “Lindsay is the girl next door. She is totally unpretentious. She is very loyal to her friends.

It is a stone for them and their family. This is the friend who is there for the good and difficult times and this is the first person to appear next to his camp.

Last night, E! The information reported exclusively that the couple spent quality time together this summer and even traveled to London last week altogether for a quick getaway.

Lindsay and Ben are told that they have many things in common, focusing on their successful careers in the entertainment industry, maintaining a positive attitude with their former members and ensuring that their children are their first priority.

The close friend added that Lindsay is being good friends with her ex and even made a birthday party this year.

“They opened in different directions and finally made a mutual decision to move separately.

They are really defining the main co-parents and respect greatly. The two are so committed to their daughter. She spends every second with her daughter.

The same goes for Ben and his ex Jennifer Garner as the two have maintained a common front for the sake of their three children.

In fact, last week for July 4, the two were spotted at a local fair with their children in Los Angeles.

Ben and Jennifer have filed for divorce in April this year, with joint statements, two years after announcing that they were ending their 10-year marriage.

The Real Story Behind Ben Affleck’s ”Down to Earth” Girlfriend Lindsay Shookus

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