Supreme gifts of Earth come to mind as summer approaches

At this time of year, many of us remember how we loved the summer and how Earth received us gifts when we walked in and we have traveled all over the country during summer vacations.

Earth was a God of grace to us children, even though we were so young that we probably took our gifts for granted.

Gifts were plentiful and not for our taking.

There was nothing more than walking through the grass, bucket in hand, choose, not an easy mature task. Brambles was embarrassing, and the fear of snakes was always a problem, but the effort was worth it to raise such a lovely gift.

We ate the plump, dark purple and juicy berries filling and still be able to take enough home to a cobbler or blackberry pie for dinner. The cake was the hot blackberry dessert was the best of our home.

In the watermelon patch, watermelons were beaten until we were satisfied with the maturity of the large green and yellow gift. Sometimes we drop the watermelon on the floor right there, in the patch and we eat soft while still hot from lying in the sun.

Melons were equally delicious when they were ripe. Having mature melon field was a gift from the land.

The plums around the area have asked us to participate in their summer maturity. There was an art of choosing the preferred deal, not those that were too ripe and soft, but those that were redder, the sweeter and juicyest. Some of them were so high up in the tree that we had to sit on a person’s shoulders to reach them.

There were two large pear trees that had grown next to the cottage and were responsible for their gifts towards the end of the summer. We learned to pick ripe and spotless pears, and ate them straight from the tree without washing. Somehow, we always associate the smell of fresh pears with the taste of tobacco powder.

There was another pear tree on the farm that produces small round pears that have never been soft, such a gift. I remember that bees loved pears as gifts as we did kids.

Of course, the cornucopie garden was a delight of all colors, shapes, textures and flavors.

Pick a tomato and bite into it was what sometimes right there in the garden. The juice ran down his face and clothes. No problem.

Not many of us were the most capricious. We liked beans, squash, beets, cucumbers, cabbage, potatoes, beans, butter, corn, radishes, peppers and other good things. Our mouths when the women spilled our families were in the kitchen preparing the “boiled” dinner. The Earth has given us great generosity.

Oh, the apple was like a big gift wrapped in green paper with little red bows tied around it.

There were also inedible gifts. The summer breeze blowing from time to time gave relief on a sultry day. We kept our windows open and the doors at night to receive the air of restless night gift.

The girls could not wait for the gardenia shrubs to open and offered them the most beautiful and sweetest flower to wear on their hair when their youngsters came in search of dates. What is summer without gardenias? As I write today, I carry a scent of gardenia to capture the white image in the beautiful green and.

And blue hydrangeas in June left us speechless!

Then there was water to refresh and to meet the needs of plants, animals and people. The smell of summer rain has delighted us, as it is now.

The fishing pond, brook and breach float our small homemade boats, the water flowing through the spray of water and those rare trips to the ocean “big water”, were first-rate summer gifts.

As Robert Louis Stevenson wrote: “The world is so full of a number of things, I’m sure we should all be as happy as kings.”

Supreme gifts of Earth come to mind as summer approaches

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